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Germansightseeing Karystos

Karte von Karystos und Umgebung

Map from Karystos and souranding aerea
We highly recommend this roadmap as we have found it to be accurate and well detailed. The price is 4 euros and it can be purchased from S.E.T. Travelagent in the Kriezotou 120. (but it is only in Greek)

BourtziIn Karystos you should see
The city's point of refernce, at the eastern edge of the seafront, the Boutzi. A well preserved rampart over the port, that is built in an hexagonal horsehoe shape. It is thought that is was built in the mid 13th century by the Venetians.
On the opposite side, over the costal road, you can see the Giokaleio intellectual Instution. It has a multiple event room and a libary with 11.000 books, organazed according to the international standards of scientific organization. In the same building, the Archaeological Museum Museumhosts exhibits that demonstrate the magnificent history of the region going from the prehistoric to the roman era. There are also exhibitions of the findings of the Dragon houses (drakospitia) of Karystos and Styra, on the ancient Gerestos (Kastri) temple of Poseidon, and most importantly of the city itself and most prexisely from Palaiochora.
In the house "House of Karystos" you can see the fokloric Collection of Ch. B. Deligiorgis. In the old manor house of the family Moschona, which is located in the city centre, there is a collection of local costumes, textiles, old furniture, needlework, photos and agricultural tools.
The Mausoleum of Karystos
MausoleumThe building was erected and used as the tomb of a prominent Roman official (procurator) who is depicted in the medallion of the pediment. Perhaps he was responsible for the supervision of the Roman quarries to the north of Karystos. After the first investigation of the site (excavation in 1908), the building was interpreted as a temple dedicated to a deity, possibly Apollo, Artemis of Hephaestos.


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