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Thermae Sylla Spa and Wellness
The uniqueness of Thermae Sylla consists in the fact, that, ther is hot therapeutic water with traces of therapeutic radon gushing out for the last 3000 years. Its therapeutic value was recognised since the ancient times and one can find extensive reports in texts of Plutarch, Stravon and other writers of the time. Roman General Syllas often used to take hot baths her for treatment and invigration reasons. As a matter of fact, the hotel was named after him. After years of research, it ist nowadays being reported in many international scientific congresses that the hot water of Thermae Sylla is ideal for the treatment of rheumatism, gynaecological diseases, problems of ther endocrine cycle, as well as heart and circulatory problems. In Thermae Sylla Spa you can combine buisness with pleasure, as your days her can really prove to be beneficial to your health. ThermalbadThe well-know hot springs that gush forth in Thermae Sylla Spa in Aidipsos, renowned already since antiques times, figuring among the best of the world, have already started a new "career" in the aera of high medicinal tourism. This immense investment has transformed the Thermae Sylla Spa, wich is now ready to offer you:
The modern most complete equipment in Spa according to the sanitary prescriptions of the European Union. Spa of german, italian and austrian technology in an aera of 2000 sqm with all the best that modern technology can provide in terms of healthh, revitalization and beauty. The two pools with healing waters - one indoors and one outdoors, of constant flow and renewal function at differnt temperatures for multiple usages. It is scientifically verified that hot water plays an important role in invigorating the human body and in beauty care as welll. Throughhout Europe, there is a growing tendency in favour of hot water centres Spa, more and more young working people enjoy spa water's beneficial results. Rest-cures and beauty cares help the hard working man of today, who has thousend of demands to fulfil, to re-find his equanimity and physical wellbeing. This is what he needs in order to regain his strenght, load his batteries, and come back to his daily duties full of energy. The term Wellness, with whom our hotel has been certified, guaranties exactly that: the complete invigoration through a number of therapies within a short perod of time.



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